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Seeking candidate to assist ACTA Reference Group A: Efficient and Effective CTNs

ACTA is seeking a consultant with significant and demonstrable experience and knowledge of safety oversight committees, trial endorsement procedures and authorship procedures within a CTN.

The role will involve the development of three universal tools, as outlined below.

Develop universal tools for:

Trial review, endorsement and prioritisation process

Describes options that a CTN may consider when establishing a clinical trial review and endorsement procedure. To accompany a guidance document on options to determine areas of research prioritisation (latter is out of scope).

Authorship and publication policy

Describes options that a CTN may consider when establishing policy for publication of trials and the process or criteria for determining authorship

Safety Committee Policy and Procedures

Suggested procedures, considerations and template documents for oversight of CTN clinical trial safety

Description of task:

  • Develop the tools by drawing on common elements of existing CTN documents and the consultant’s own CTN experience. CTN exemplar documents supporting these tools and ACTA templates are already available at ACTA.   Documents should be appropriately versioned and tracked.
  • Coordinate an already established working party to review the documents with simultaneous review by the ACTA Senior Project Officer.
  • Make required edits using own discretion and coordinate re-reviews as required.
  • Submit for Reference Group A and internal ACTA review simultaneously
  • Present on the tools at the Reference Group A meeting (22 May 2019).
  • Make required edits and finalise the document for publication (by 7 June 2019).

Expected time commitment:

Intended commencement: immediately.

Estimated 52 hours over 11 weeks, although the actual time spent may depend on the individual’s prior experience. This includes two reviews and finalization by 7 June.


The consultant will be awarded a fixed-price sum of $5200, paid on completion of the work.   Satisfactory completion will include the preparation of first, second and final drafts and finalisation of the tools, ready for publication on ACTA’s website.

How to Apply:

Applicants must be based in Australia with demonstrated experience and able to work remotely.

Please send a brief proposal and your CV to  no later than midnight, Friday 22 March. 

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview and a formal contractor agreement will be entered into with the successful candidate.

For enquiries about this role, please call Senior Project Officer, Megan Sanders, on +61 3 8639 0770.