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ACTA Director Vlado Perkovic to head to AAMRI

George Institute Executive Director and ACTA Director, Prof Vlado Perkovic, has been announced as President Elect of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI).

Prof Perkovic was elected after AAMRI’s previous President Elect, Prof Steve Wesselingh, received news that he was to be appointed Chair of NHMRC’s Research Committee and to the NHMRC Council and promptly relinquished his forthcoming AAMRI presidency to eliminate any potential conflict of interest.

“On behalf of the ACTA Board and our Members, I’d like to congratulate Vlado on his election as AAMRI President,” said ACTA Deputy Chair, Prof Steve Webb, “and I am impressed and encouraged that Vlado still intends to stand for re-election to the ACTA Board at our forthcoming AGM at the ACTA Summit.”

Commenting on his new role which commences this month, Prof Perkovic said: "It's essential that we support priority-driven research that meets the needs of Australians now and in the future. We’ll do this only by delivering the highest quality research. In Australia we are fortunate to have a wealth of research talent. It's vital that we nurture and support researchers by delivering clear career pathways across the spectrum and ensure that funding covers every aspect of their research."