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For the first time this year ACTA and the Skin & Cancer Foundation will celebrate the International Clinical Trial Day together, on Monday 20 May. The collaborative ceremony will feature four different awards. ACTA will spotlight its Trial of the Year and ACTA STInG Excellence in Trial Statistics awards as well as introducing a new Award for Consumer Involvement. The Skin & Cancer Foundation will present the winner of its Excellence in Clinical Trials award.

Trials considered for the award will be collaboratively developed, multicenter, investigator-driven randomised controlled trials that were designed to improve patient-centered outcomes or healthcare delivery. The trial must have been designed and led by a network or investigator group that is a current member of ACTA (full or associate member) and the primary results of the trial must have been published in the 2018 calendar year (either electronically or in print).

A peer-led panel of senior trialists and consumer representatives appointed by the ACTA Board will review all nominations and judge the trial that is the best demonstration of the following standards:

  • It addressed a critical gap in the evidence or a significant innovation in healthcare delivery.
  • The quality of the research design, conduct and analysis were outstanding.
  • There is a high likelihood that findings from the trial will significantly impact clinical practice and/or policy and improve outcomes for patients or healthcare delivery.

Any current ACTA member (full, associate or affiliate member) can nominate a trial for consideration. Members may nominate more than one trial for consideration.

The nomination open date will be revealed soon so keep your eyes peeled!

*Primary Results refers to the first publication reporting the analysis of trial’s primary endpoint as specified in the published statistical analysis plan or online trial registration profile.