ACTA Summit 2018 Sponsors

Bellberry Limited is a national, private not-for-profit organisation providing streamlined scientific and ethical review of human research and social science projects across Australia.  Our aim is to promote and improve the welfare of research participants and the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research. As a not for profit company, Bellberry donates surplus funds back into the research community. NHMRC certified, and recognised in the McKeon review as a Best Practice example, Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) are professionally managed and operate 24/7 through a dedicated electronic portal providing a paperless and secure HREC process. Bellberry HRECs provide high quality, independent ethics reviews.  With eight committee meetings every month we are able to offer a guaranteed turnaround time of 20 days from submission of application.  Dedicated staff provide support at every stage of the process.
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Bellberry, ACTA, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre and The George Institute have formed a consortium ‘Clinical Trials: Impact & Quality (CT:IQ)’ which aims to get Australia Thinking Smarter about the design and conduct of clinical trials. CT:IQ’s mission is to develop and implement recommendations that will improve the impact, quality and efficiency of clinical trials, leading to more rapid, lower cost and higher quality evaluation of healthcare interventions in Australia. CT:IQ acts as a platform for all stakeholder voices to come together.  By forming project teams to identify challenges, together we will explore, solve and implement solutions in both investigator-led and industry trials sectors. This will lead to a more meaningful integration of clinical trials into the Australian health system, resulting in better healthcare and better outcomes for patients, participants and the community as a whole.
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NSW Health’s Office for Health and Medical Research works with the health and medical research sector to promote growth and innovation in research to achieve better health, societal and economic outcomes for the people of New South Wales.



MTPConnect is an independent, not-for-profit organisation formed as part of the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative. Its objective is to accelerate the rate of growth of Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. MTPConnect has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth




ClinTrial Refer is a mobile App and website platform that connects patients, doctors and sites to current clinical trial information. ClinTrial Refer has searchable clinical trial details, locations, contacts and inclusion, exclusion criteria. The ClinTrial Refer platform has significantly enhanced cross-referral and recruitment rates, increasing patient access to emerging therapies and supporting the viability of trial units. ClinTrial Refer is rapidly being adapted to suit a variety of trial portfolios and aims to be the most comprehensive, current and accessible recruitment tool. It’s potentially lifesaving knowledge in a pocket!)


Datapharm is Australia’s original full service contract research organisation (CRO), est. 1987. Datapharm has earned an enviable reputation, involved in hundreds of clinical trials in numerous therapeutic areas across all phases. Datapharm’s services include clinical trial design, study management, monitoring, data management, statistical analysis, report writing, training, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and auditing. Datapharm also promotes clinical trials in Australia through one of their initiatives,, a communityfocused website where trial sites and Sponsors can promote their clinical research. For applicable projects, Datapharm has a strong emphasis on supporting patient recruitment utilising various social media and digital marketing techniques.


Research4Me advocates and supports community involvement in health and medical research as a path to solving the needs of the public and patients, faster.

Through awareness raising, training, community, events, and more, for health consumers, research and industry professionals, we aim to break down silos and make it easier to engage. By connecting  and upskilling these stakeholders to work together, we believe we can positively impact the relevance, recruitment, conduct and participant experience of medical research, especially clinical trials.

Ours is a vision of a connected, engaged, skilled community working together to advance healthcare and improve lives through medical research, quickly and safely. Engage us to learn how you can help and benefit.