About ACTA

Vision & Mission

 Better health through best evidence


Our Better health through best evidence vision is for a self-improving Australian health care system that:

  • delivers high quality and cost‐effective care through the systematic generation and application of evidence derived from clinical research
  • routinely Includes and embeds clinical research in health care across all practices and institutions
  • benefits from widespread understanding and support from consumers, health practitioners and policy‐makers of the critical importance of clinical research in optimising practice and policy
  • provides opportunity to participate in high-quality clinical trials to everybody who needs treatment around which there is uncertainty about the most effective therapy
  • ensures health care is founded on well-conducted controlled trials demonstrating the effects of interventions on clinically relevant outcomes.


Our mission is to grow, strengthen and support Australia’s investigator-led and registry data-informed clinical trials sector. We are striving for effective and cost‐effective healthcare founded on evidence that empowers health practitioners, policy‐makers, and consumers to make their best and most well-informed decisions.