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Major Initiatives

ACTA's major report on the activities and achievements of Clinical Trials Networks in Australia has been officially published.  The report was commissioned by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and undertaken by ACTA.  The report provides the first detailed snapshot of clinical trials network activity in Australia over the decade 2004 – 2014.

Thirty-four networks took part in the study which has shown that Australian clinical trials networks have together completed and published or initiated more than 1,000 individual studies, involving more than 1 million participants and representing more than $1 billion in total research funding over the last decade.

This is a huge catalogue of investigator-initiated or "public good" clinical trials and large observational studies (more than 90% of studies were non-commercial studies) which includes more than 100 high-impact studies that have, or are likely to, change practice and policy both in Australia and around the world.

Australia has long been regarded as a world leader in the design and conduct of large phase 2, 3 and 4 clinical trials within a number of individual clinical disciplines. However, until now much of what is known about our national clinical trials capacity and expertise has been limited to the commercial trials sector.

This report will provide Government with a much better understanding of how important clinical questions are addressed through public good trials that are designed and conducted by networks that incorporate many thousands of practicing clinicians and researchers across Australia – many of whom conduct research over and above their regular clinical work.

ACTA acknoledge with much appreciation all the networks that took part in this landmark project, and the tireless efforts of all members of the Steering Committee and Project Team and the support received from the NHMRC Clinical Trials Section.

A copy of the report is available here.

For further information about the Profiling Networks Project contact Rhiannon Tate, Executive Officer, +61 9903 0088