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February 18, 2019

ACTA Trial of the Year Awards 2019: Call for nominations

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February 4, 2019

ACTA Congratulates ANZCHOG and COGNO on funding success to fight brain cancer

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February 4, 2019

ACTA Efficient and Effective CTNs Reference Group Toolkit now available

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February 4, 2019

ACTA now on LinkedIn – Connect with us!

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February 4, 2019

ACTA Summit Summary

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The ACTA Community

The development of ACTA is supported by more than 50 individual clinical trials networks, clinical trial coordinating centres and clinical quality registries.

These groups bring together hundreds of doctors, nurses, allied health and research professionals to generate evidence about which treatments work, which don’t, and which are most cost-effective for the Australian health system.



Check out this exciting speaker highlight for the upcoming ACTA International Clinical Trials Conference! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the opening of registrations on 1st March 2019:

Community acquired staph is increasing and we have limited understanding of the optimal treatment strategies - Prof Steven Tong, will an Adaptive Platform Trial provide answers? Great work by the network #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Statistician Claire Galea talks neonatal stem cell trials and the quest for the highest quality and most reliable data, with novel trial design approaches. Huge body of scoping work underway to help inform decisions #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Prof Anne Cust kicks of the 2nd day of the ACTA innovative trials ‘hands-on’ workshop, discussing considerations of national melanoma screening trial & the potential role of an adaptive design. Fantastic to hear the such progressive work #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Prof Rachael Morton discusses grappling with the economic considerations of novel trial designs #clinicaltrials #healtheconomics ACTAcommunity photo

The cost of trials are rising, Prof Mustafa Khasraw @mkhasraw and Scott Berry propose how novel trial designs can help address this issue #clinicaltrials #healtheconomics ACTAcommunity photo

Prof Leonid Churilov on adaptive randomisation - "the ability to invest sample size resources in stages" #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Colin McArthur talking about how the REMAP-CAP trial protocol can be readily utilised in the event of a pandemic declaration #clinicaltrials @remap_cap @BerryConsultant ACTAcommunity photo

Adaptive trials much like ‘heat-seeking missiles’ - Dr Tom Snelling #clinicaltrials at ACTA workshop. Opportunities for a learning healthcare system #embeddingresearch ACTAcommunity photo

Reconfiguring the landscape, Scott Berry talks about the benefits of platform trials #clinicaltrials. Are we ready for the challenge? ACTAcommunity photo

Bayesian statistics ‘logical and on the rise’ says Prof Jeffrey Presneill - ACTA innovative trial design workshop #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Why does the research community need to consider innovative trial design? Dr Julie Marsh provides interesting insights from UK #clinicaltrials ACTAcommunity photo

Prof Stephane Heritier providing an excellent opening session on Adaptive Trial Designs. Exciting ACTA ‘Introduction to Innovative Trials’ workshop ahead #clinicaltrials #stats @georgeinstitute ACTAcommunity photo

The ACTA International Clinical Trials Conference 2019 program is coming together! Great national and international speakers are already on board.
@ACTAcommunity #clinicaltrials #internationalconference
ACTAcommunity photo

Prof Ian Harris demonstrated innovative ways to streamline patient consent and data collection and consequently decrease trial coordination and site burden. Significantly decreases costs associated with traditional clinical trials.
ACTAcommunity photo

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